2,500 years of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Conditions

Whether you suffer pain, allergies, headaches, infertility, digestive problems, or a combination of issues, I use an integrated process of acupuncture, herbs, and Classical Chinese Medicine for relief, health and vitality.
  • 3.8 Billion Years and Counting…the Wisdom in your cells

    For 3.8 billion years the ancestral cells and DNA of your body have been in a constant evolutionary dance with the various herbs and substances that are present in the environment. From this interconnectedness springs forth a wisdom, an understanding, that is now a part of every cell that has evolved with the environment. Every… [Continue Reading]

    3.8 Billion Years and Counting…the Wisdom in your cells
  • Ginger/Sheng Jiang

    Every day of my clinical practice I use Ginger/Sheng Jiang (Zingiber officinale). It is a phenomenal herb with a long history of safety and utility. Think of this spicy, yellow root as engendering the very essence of the earth. And by “earth” Oriental Medicine means digestion, stability, grounded-ness and ability to feel at-home. Sheng Jiang… [Continue Reading]

    Ginger/Sheng Jiang
  • Coptidis/Huang Lian

    A bitter herb with antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, Coptidis/Huang Lian is one of the major herbs in Oriental Medicine. It has been studies and written about since the second century. Classically this herb is used to descend heat and clear the chest/heart. With the appropriate Oriental Medical diagnosis, Huang Lian can be useful in a… [Continue Reading]

    Coptidis/Huang Lian
  • Cinnamon/Gui Zhi

    Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used herbs for cooking and baking. It can be found in worldwide cuisine, from Africa to Asia, Europe and the Americas. It is held in high esteem for its deeply penetrating aroma, and warming nature. As a medicinal herb it is among the most important, well-known and revered.… [Continue Reading]

    Cinnamon/Gui Zhi
  • Ginseng/Ren Shen/Panax ginseng

    When most people think of the quintessential Oriental herb, they think of Ginseng/Ren Shen (Panax ginseng). It is a widely studied and much revered herb. From ancient times Ren Shen was prized for its ability to increase energy, promote rejuvenation and strengthen the body. Ren Shen is commonly used for a wide rage of conditions related… [Continue Reading]

    Ginseng/Ren Shen/Panax ginseng

Common Cold: it’s not the bug. Focus on boosting your immunity!

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick often, and others, in the same situation, do not? Early in my career I had a tough time helping such patients. At that time I was teaching graduate level herbology and I knew a lot about herbs and their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. … [Read More...]

Closing my practice

Dear friends and patients, My wife and I are moving to Europe in the spring of 2018. That entails a shift in my career. As such I will no longer … [Read More...]